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Who's Who

Phil Jackson has been the CEO of The Villages’ Trust since its inception in 2017. With over twenty years in primary school leadership Phil has extensive experience in school improvement. Prior to establishing our Multi-Academy Trust, Phil was headteacher of a large city primary school having previously been headteacher of a small rural first school.

Phil is passionate about the Trust’s vision to empower children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life:

“Everything we do in our schools should contribute to empowering children to be secure, engaged and equipped for life. Whether we are talking about safeguarding or curriculum design, phonics or personal, social and health education, early years or Key Stage 2, every element of primary school life contributes to that overall vision.”

Phil is equally committed to working in partnership with others, believing that for schools to be successful in their shared aim of doing the best they can for children, should be at the centre of their communities, wherever and whatever that community is:

“The expectations and demands placed on our schools are greater than ever. Evidence shows that to be successful, schools cannot work in isolation; working in partnership is essential. The opportunities for partnership working which come with joining a multi-academy trust like The Villages’ are extensive and wide-ranging, from school improvement and staff development and to efficient and effective back-office operations, all with the aim of improving outcomes for children.”